11 Gripping Books About Alcoholism and Recovery

I used this book for motivation to quit drinking, even though the subject of addiction is barely discussed. Between this book and Bigger, Leaner, Stronger, you’ll have some high-level diet and exercise programs to model and remold into your own. Mainstream recovery culture has become insular, circular, and stale. The rest were invaluable resources for me after I quit drinking when I still needed guidance for repairing my brain, https://www.ristroy.ru/info/tehnicheskaja-informacija-o-kachestve-vody-tablica.html rebuilding my body, and resurrecting my spirit. Rausing, the editor of Granta and heiress to a Swedish beverage-packaging fortune, writes beautifully of the idyllic seaside summers of her 1970s childhood and the heavy bonds of family. She does not recover in any straightforward way from worry, obsession, or attempts to control her brother or – obviously – the narrative, but she makes her way towards a kind of serenity.

I read this in one day

  • Going to bed with a book will tire your eyes naturally, ease your subconscious tension, and fill your mind with endless possibilities.
  • Members worldwide both to get and stay sober “one day at a time”….
  • Ten years ago, Lance Lang was a hopeless addict, a shell of a man only in search of his next fix, willing to use anyone or anything …
  • But God intervened and Lance began a miraculous journey to rehab, recovery, and restoration.

Yet no one ever questions alcohol’s ubiquity—in fact, the only thing ever questioned is why someone doesn’t drink…. There are many reasons for why a person might develop an attachment to drinking that leads to physical dependence. Genetic factors, environmental influences, cultural norms, belief systems, and a lack of alternative coping mechanisms can all factor into the risk of developing alcoholism. When you conquer alcoholism, you’ll free up the energy that you used to expend on drinking. This energy can become a powerful reservoir for future achievement.

The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous

This book offers inspiration for alcohol-free drinks and activities, and tangible tips on how to navigate a month (or beyond!) without alcohol. One of the first of its kind, Drink opens our eyes to the connection between drinking, trauma and the impossible quest to ‘have it all’ that many women experience. Ann Dowsett Johnston masterfully weaves personal story, interviews, and sociological research together to create a compelling, informative, and even heartbreaking reality about drinking and womanhood. Written with courage and candor this book leaves you ready to push against a society suggesting alcohol is the solution to women’s problems. This powerful memoir follows Cain’s life as she navigates a substance use disorder, incarceration, and sex work over the course of 19 years.

  • If you make your entire life about perpetual recovery from addiction, then liquor will always be on your mind by default.
  • The book offers a unique perspective on the challenges and triumphs of overcoming addiction, and provides practical advice and inspiration for those seeking a happier, healthier, and wealthier life without alcohol.
  • We asked addiction experts and people in recovery to share the titles they found most useful.
  • I am not sure I’d be sober today if it weren’t for Tired of Thinking About Drinking.
  • Everything from inpatient rehab and sober living facilities to peer-support groups and outpatient care can move you or your loved one another step closer to long-term recovery.

Recovery: Freedom from Our Addictions

  • A life of recovery is an awakened life of purpose, service, and meaning.
  • From memoirs to self-help guides, each book on recovery on this list has the potential to provide hope, understanding, and transformation.
  • It can also help you take control of your biochemistry so that you can leave physical cravings in the past.
  • In those stories, the decision to get better often arrives like a bolt of lightning, but this is rarely the case.

This book also examines the brain’s ability to create new neural pathways and lose the desire to use substances. Lewis provides a description of life in recovery that I relate to myself; that sober life is not a life of deprivation, but one of fulfillment, continued growth, and personal development. This is a lesser known series https://www.centerkor-ua.org/the-advantages-of-villa-projects-in-bangalore/ of essays on the intersection of alcohol and womanhood. The author, Kristi Coulter, engages the reader with her deep insight and quick wit. This combination makes her story heartening, funny, and thought-provoking at the same time. Coulter shares her struggles with alcohol use and also the challenges of getting sober.

best alcohol recovery books

Whether you’re sober curious, looking to stay sober, or want to stop drinking alcohol for good, this uncommon guide explores eight critical areas of life that will drastically improve when you give up alcohol…. This book was written to help mankind avert totalitarianism, and you will probably not enjoy it if you care little for philosophy or history. However, I found that it offered subtle applications https://maskahair.ru/maska-iz-aktivirovannogo-uglja-i-zhelatina-recept/ for combating groupthink of any kind. If you want to transcend alcoholism once and for all, it’s groupthink – whether around alcohol, or around defective mainstream recovery – that you will have to challenge and rise above on your own. Dr. Linus Pauling was the only scientist to have won two unshared Nobel Prizes, and this book is easily the most useful nutritional guide that I have read.

best alcohol recovery books

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